We are Supply complete range chemicals for metals melt treatment, Abrasive material and machine for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Foundry Industry.

PT. Sentosa Metalurgi Indomas Supply such as :

  1. Flux for Aluminum
  2. Alloying Compact
  3. Master Alloy and Grain Refiners
  4. Silicon Carbide Crucibles
  5. Abrasive Material
  6. Refractory Castable, Mortar and Brick
  7. Others

PT. Sentosa Metalurgi Indomas can also doing Routine Maintenance or Reparation of the Furnace.

Together with qualified institution and Hoesch Metallurgical Services can also analize the problem of the casting defect :

1. AlSCAN : Direct measurement of hydrogen in liquid aluminum and aluminum alloys

2. Prefil/PoDFA: measurement of non – metallic inclusion